Our team of 4 butchers is on hand to listen to you and advise you about our vast array of matured meats: Wagyu, Simmenthal, Charolais, Aubrac, Salers, West Flanders Red, etc. You’ll also find cuts of the highest quality of meats such as Argentine Angus, Belgian Blue-White (steak, pure fillet, roast, T-bone, tenderloin). Then you can indulge yourself with Irish fillet steak, Irish ribeye, Irish crown, Iberian pork, sauté de veau, veal medallions, English lamb, etc.

We do our own butchering in-store so that we can always offer you the best pieces. The reputation of our filet américain has spread far and wide, and we have a wide range of sausages, spicy merguez and prepared skewers, etc. for your barbecue.

For aged meat, we work closely with the renowned DIERENDONCK company, located at Coxyde-St-Idesbald, and with the gastronomic specialists, COURTAIN, from Villers-La-Ville, which excels in creating barbecue sausages flavoured with apple, grapes, curry, tarragon, goat and honey, rocket and parmesan and many more.

We have also selected a lovely range of traditionally farmed and organic Belgian and French poultry, featuring in particular the delicious Coucou de Malines, with its firm and tender meat.

And every day you’ll find freshly roasted chicken, hot and tasty and smelling wonderful, straight from our rotisserie.


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