About us

The story of La Grande Epicerie at Uccle Fort-Jaco began in 1996 when a Belgian businessman acquired the retail store that had been operated there since 1962 by a competitor that was in difficulty at the time.
After more than 6 months of major works to renovate the premises from top to bottom, the business set about regaining its customer base, initially under the “Nopri” trading name (for a few months) and then renamed as “La Grande Epicerie d’Uccle Fort-Jaco”. It wasn’t easy, because we had to convince the demanding customers from this very lovely part of Brussels who had adopted new habits for buying their quality foods to come back to us. In fact, we even had to approach passersby walking along the pavement on the Chaussée de Waterloo to invite them to come into the store to discover our new retail space…


Supported by his family, this Belgian businessman managed to gradually regain market share by offering tens of thousands of quality products and providing outstanding service.

Almost 25 years later, our shop has developed to become a purveyor of fine quality foods with a reputation that stretches throughout Belgium and abroad.

With a team of more than 35 professionals on hand ready to advise you about your fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, charcuterie and cheeses, as well as your bakery and pastry items and traditional and organic food, our store does everything it can to offer you that little bit more that makes all the difference.

Come and discover what we have to offer as you surprise and delight yourself when you visit us!
Our private car park has space for 48 cars and is available to you free of charge when you make a minimum purchase of €10 (maximum parking time: 1 hour).